Travelogue – Episode 4: Aruba

Travel with me to the beautiful island of Aruba! The family I was traveling with rented a car, and we spent the whole day circumnavigating the island. Along the way, we were treated to views of the ocean as well as the island’s rugged landscapes.

Travelogue – Episode 2: Grand Turk

I’m back at it again with another travel video! The newest in my series “Travelogue“. The video features highlights from the few short hours I spent on the island. We only had time to explore the main tourist beach area. But, what I saw of the island was beautiful; crystal blue water, white sand beaches,Continue reading “Travelogue – Episode 2: Grand Turk”

Two Weeks in Paris – New Travel Video

“There is a feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you walk into somewhere with an abundance of history. The feeling sweeps over you like a wave. It is a warm wave, sudden and oddly familiar.” – an excerpt from my Paris journal. In January 2017, I spent two weeks in Paris,Continue reading “Two Weeks in Paris – New Travel Video”

How to Write an Essay in an Hour*

This essay writing method will help you write your essay in around an hour. Depending on the page-length for the essay, it may take closer to an hour and a half to complete. Either way, this method will shorten amount of time you spend on your essay. Let’s begin! *For a 1-5 Page paper. AddContinue reading “How to Write an Essay in an Hour*”

Blockers (2018) – Review

Blockers is a coming of age story for parents as much as it is for college-bound teenagers. Underneath the fear of teenage sex is a story about parents who are scared of sending their children off to college. Prom is a turning point for most high school seniors. It marks the switch from worrying aboutContinue reading “Blockers (2018) – Review”

How to Begin the Writing Process

The writing process can be jaunting, trust me, I know. I have sat down to start writing and have grown frustrated when writer’s block swooped in. Once you’ve got a general idea in your head,the next step always seems to be the hardest. How do you get an idea to stop being just an idea,Continue reading “How to Begin the Writing Process”