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For over a thousand years, oak has been a top choice for woodworkers, serving as the building material for everything from wine barrels to Viking longships. Now, oak is most commonly used for furniture and flooring and is one of the most popular wood types in the United States. Oak is a staple in traditional decor and is used in other styles such as craftsman and mission. Many are drawn to its durability and weather resistance, making it a popular choice for both outdoor and indoor furniture. Due to this feature Vikings built their ships out of oak, and distilleries still use it today for barrel-aged liquors. With long-time uses and modern-day applications, oak offers a traditional look that will last for decades to come.

Oak remains a popular choice for good reason. Oak is highly durable, and its natural light tone takes any stain. As one of the strongest wood species, oak fends against rot, pests, and fungus, ensuring the quality will not diminish over the years. Weather resistance is another desirable feature of oak. It can withstand humidity and high heat without warping or cracking.

In addition to its durability, oak is also prized for its availability. It is easy to source and affordable compared to other similar wood types. There are over sixty varieties of oak trees found in the United States, with nineteen growing here in Missouri. While there are many species of oak, red and white are the most durable and widely available, and therefore frequently used for furniture.

Appearance is another reason oak is so popular. Its light color allows for easy staining, and its open-grain pattern makes each piece of oak furniture one-of-a-kind. Oak’s open grain pattern (also called coarse grain) provides a natural, rustic feel. The straight and irregular grain patterns often include unique details, such as knots, swirls, and other deviations in the wood. Stains can mute the contrast for a more uniform look or highlight the shapes to showcase the wood’s uniqueness.

Most furniture made from oak will feature the wood’s traditional light brown hue, but its color allows for easy adjustments with stains. Popular stain options include Natural, Honey Oak, and Whitewash. Which one you choose depends on the desired style and personal preference. Natural oak is its most common variation as it preserves the wood’s traditional color and accents the high contrast grain. Honey oak, sometimes called “golden oak”, is the most similar in color tone to natural. The honey oak stain mutes the grain colors, giving the furniture piece a more uniform color. Whitewashing gives oak a clean finish. Its neutral tone makes it easier to pair with other wood types without losing the unique wood grain pattern. Other stain options include red and dark brown.

Our oak frames can be made in any shape. Our most popular options include round, oval, half-circle, round-corner rectangle, crescent, and even pill! While many manufacturers will market products with an oak wood grain pattern, most are composite materials covered in vinyl to mimic the real thing. If you’re looking for real solid oak frames made to order, we can help!


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