Essential Add-Ons for iPhone Photographers

With the latest generation of iPhones boasting impressive camera specs, there has never been a better time to pick up photography as a hobby. In the past, the high entry price of cameras and equipment turned away perspective photographers. Now, having quality cameras built into the phones we carry around every day has opened the field up to new photographers. While the iPhone 12 Pro camera alone boasts impressive specs, the right accessories can elevate your photos.

A great way to boost the quality and ability of any camera is additional lenses, and iPhone photography is no exception. While lenses are commonly on the pricier side, there are a range of clip-on lenses for any price point.

Which lenses you buy will depend on what subjects you plan on photographing.  Wide angle lenses are best for sprawling landscape photography, while macro lenses are great for picking up small details in close-ups. Whatever your goal, any of the below lenses are sure to upgrade your photography to professional quality.

The best lens under $50

KINGMAS 3-in-1 – great for beginners!

At just $6.78 for three lenses, this price is hard to beat. It’s the perfect starters kit with a wide angle, macro, and fisheye lenses included. Although there are better lenses on the market, there is no beating this price. This is a no-brainer purchase for anyone just starting out with iPhone photography.

The best lens under $100

APEXEL 4K 5-in-1 – excellent range of lenses for any subject

Like the KINGMAS kit, this APEXEL 4K HD 5-in-1 Lens kit provides a range of lenses for all your photography needs. At $44.95*, this is more of an investment than the previous, but the upgrade in quality is worth the price for the serious iPhone photographer. Getting five quality 4K lenses for under $50 is a bargain, especially considering APEXEL is a top brand in mobile camera lenses.

(on sale for $44.95 at the time this article was written. Regular price: $55.95)

The best lens under $200

Moment Wide 18mm – perfect for capturing landscapes and architecture

Unlike the previous two, the Moment Wide 18mm is a solo lens instead of a kit. Intended for photographers interested in landscapes and architecture, the wide field of view helps to capture rolling hills and towering skyscrapers with ease. While the $119.95 price tag may give some pause, this professional grade lens will guarantee sharp, 4K photos any time you go to shoot. 

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